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Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern all packages and flights bookings the client make with and govern any liability may have in relation to this booking. In addition to these applicable Terms and Conditions, each Supplier will have its own applicable terms and conditions, which govern its products and offerings. You are encouraged to read both these Terms and Conditions and the terms and conditions for any Additional Services supplied by the relevant Suppliers.

Our Terms and Conditions, any Confirmation Document, any applicable Tariffs, the Advanced Passenger Information requirements and Our Privacy Policy, and the terms and conditions of any Additional Services supplied by the relevant Suppliers, all form part of these Terms and Conditions and apply to Your Booking. We strongly advise that you read all terms and conditions relevant to Your Booking. internal reservations system will create a Booking (including a Booking Reference), which is then sent to you as an itinerary via an email for your records. Once the Booking has been made in reservations systems, there is a binding contract in place between the client and where is acting as principal or between you and the Supplier of the service or product you have purchased through This stands true for both tickets purchase and any package on offer. Please check the Confirmation Document very carefully. If the Confirmation Document indicates any discrepancies, please contact at

When you make a booking, will ask you for booking details, please make sure you;

Accept these Terms and Conditions on behalf of the Passengers named in the Booking, if it is not the passenger him/herself. Be authorized and responsible for receiving and relaying any and all communications / correspondence which includes but not limited to documents and all mode of payments. The payment must be deposited into yugo private limited bank account or through payment gateway on website.

Incase you are making a payment through payment gateway yugo has the right to request 4% extra before processing your order.

You accept that the data you share with has been given to for the purposes expressed in Our Privacy Policy and, in-case of providing with your contact details with the help of booker you give that booker the authority to act on your behalf, You consent to use of these contact details in all later correspondence, between the booker and and suppliers of

If you wish to change your Flight you may do so in the circumstances provided in these Terms and Conditions, upon payment of the fees specified in accordance with the fee and charges of the specific airline.

Where a passenger wishes to make a change to their booking, flight or package; their respective Terms and Conditions shall apply. Where Passengers have purchased any Additional Services and they would like to change any part of their Additional Services, these Terms and Conditions shall apply in addition to the terms and conditions of any Additional Services supplied by the relevant Suppliers.

Validity of any package purchased on will be given along with the details of the package. The booker will have to adhere to the timelines specified for each deal/package.

The confirmation for each package will be done upon providing an upfront advance that will be a percentage or complete package amount to confirm his/her spot for the package. As the packages will have a finite number, it will be served as first come first serve basis.

Any taxes or duty imposed by Government and other organizations, which is obliged to collect from the booker will be payable to in addition to the Fare and will be adjusted in the total amount for each package.

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