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Cheap Flights from Lahore to Doha

Flying from Lahore to Doha is the best and easiest way to travel to Doha. Lahore is 1450 miles from Doha. Doha is the capital of Qatar, located on the coast of the Persian Gulf in the east of the country, and is famous for mosques and tall buildings. Lahore, one of the most famous cities in Pakistan is known as the heart of Pakistan. People from Lahore love to eat and travel.  You may require flights from Lahore to Doha in order to attend a wedding, for an important business meeting, or even just to relax. has you covered for finding cheap flights from Lahore to Doha, regardless of your reasons to travel to Doha. With Guaranteed lowest airfare on 100+ airlines, offers you the best Lahore to Doha ticket price. 

Lahore to Doha Ticket Price

You don’t need to visit different websites to find cheap flights from Lahore to Doha, because has the best fares on flights that you are looking for. Low-priced flights are usually pre-booked in advance & if you are looking for Lahore to Doha flights it's better to book them in advance. If you wait till the last day to purchase cheap flights from Lahore to Doha, you might get it at a higher price. offers you seamless online booking with reliable customer support which makes your travel hassle-free. Lahore to Doha ticket price starts at PKR 71,412 and may change based on your travel itinerary.

Lahore to Doha Flight Time

Once you have booked your Lahore to Doha flight, ensure that you arrive at the airport three hours prior to your flight. It takes 2340 kilometers to travel from Lahore to Doha. 

The flights depart from Allama Iqbal international airport for Doha. Lahore to Doha flight time is usually 4 hours. Lahore to Doha flights are carried by different airlines including Qatar airways. All of the carriers' inflight entertainment such as watching movies, reading new letters, or playing games is the best way to kill the travel time. 


With Etihad, flights from Lahore to Doha will cost you PKR 61,260. However, the fare is less expensive if the booking is made in advance with

The Lahore to Doha distance is 1450 miles which takes 3 hours 14 minutes to fly from Lahore to Doha.

The cheapest fare for Lahore to Doha flight is PKR 61,260 on YUGO.p. Visit to avail the best fares on flight booking.

Even Though the travel time between Lahore to Doha is around 3 hours, it is believed that flydubai takes less time than other airlines to complete the travel distance.

The distance between Lahore and Doha is 1450 miles. Flights between Lahore and Doha take 3 hours 20 minutes through all airlines.

Doha is 3 hours 20 minutes far from Lahore by air.

Yes, Qatar Airways fly from Lahore to Doha. The Lahore to Doha flight schedule can be found on the website.

All airlines operating in Pakistan have different Lahore to Doha ticket prices. If you fly business class the fare will be higher than economy class.

With, you don’t need to go through different websites to get the cheapest fare. Cheap flights from Lahore to Doha can be found on 100+ airlines with

Yes, flights are open to Qatar from Pakistan.

It is very tricky to get a low-fare flight but if you pre-book your flight, the fare will be less expensive than the one purchased at the last moment. Visit the website to find cheap flights from Lahore to Doha.

Lahore to Doha flights vary from time to time. offers discounts and promotions which brings down the fare.

Yes, you can cancel your Lahore to Doha flight due to covid-19 restrictions, but it is highly recommended to check the airline website to avoid any issue. Book your flight with for a hassle-free booking.

Lahore to Doha ticket prices start from PKR 60,000, but with offers and promotions the price will come down. Each airline has a different price based on the type of seat, facilities, and time duration.

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