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Skardu to Karachi Flights

Skardu to Karachi cheap flights are the most convenient mode of transportation when travelling this route. Safety, speed, and comfort are guaranteed with Taking the air route is your best option if you are visiting Skardu from Karachi. The air routes between major cities are well-developed. The distance between them has shrunk to just a few hours, making travel convenient. Booking tickets used to be a major issue. This has been simplified due to digitalization. goes the extra mile to provide its users with a hassle-free and quick ticket booking experience.

Skardu to Karachi Flight Ticket Price

Because plane tickets are so expensive, many people cannot travel by plane for work or pleasure. offers business and leisure travelers the lowest prices on domestic flights. There are no hidden fees for flights from Skardu to Karachi on PIA offers the cheapest flight from Skardu to Karachi for 12,142 PKR. Booking one-stop Skardu to Karachi cheap flights will cost you as low as Rs 24,286. Additionally, prices may differ from one day to the next based on the time booked. With, you can compare Skardu to Karachi airline fares and book the best deal.  

Skardu to Karachi Cheap Flight Tickets

You can search for cheap flights from Skardu to Karachi on whenever you want. To get the best and cheapest rates, book your flight in advance rather than at the last minute if your budget is tight.
Skardu to Karachi flights are the cheapest with PIA airline. PIA offers a one-way Skardu to Karachi air ticket price for approximately Rs. 12,840. The fares displayed here may not be available at the time you see them. Up to 24 hours before departure, you can usually cancel your ticket and receive a refund. The refund may be reduced by a cancellation fee.


Almost all the domestic airlines fly from Skardu to Karachi including AirBlue, AirSial and PIA (Pakistan International Airlines). provides cheap flight tickets on all airlines. Pakistan International Airlines offers the cheapest flights domestically.

You can find Skardu to Karachi cheap flights any time of the year. Check out our website for great airfare deals.

Skardu to Karachi cheap flight will cost you 13,949 PKR. Prices are subject to change at the time of booking.

Skardu to Karachi flights allows one to bring a maximum of 20 kg of luggage.

You can book a one-stop flight from Skardu to Karachi for as low as 13,949 PKR. Skardu to Karachi air ticket price may vary depending on the day and time of booking.

You can redeem YUGO rewards to book flight tickets and save money.

Travelling from Skardu to Karachi takes approximately 4 hours via Islamabad by air.

There are no direct flights between Skardu and Karachi. From Skardu to Karachi, all flights are operated via Islamabad.

Skardu does not have direct flights to Karachi at the moment. However, PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) flies frequently between Skardu and Karachi.

There is only one airport in Karachi, Jinnah International Airport.

In public places and while traveling from Quetta to Peshawar, passengers must wear masks. Before flying, passengers also need to submit a negative PCR test.

There is a penalty of 3 to 4 thousand rupees for altering a flight date after it has been issued.

On domestic airlines, extra sleeping space is not available.

Food can be carried, but preferably solid foods.

Skardu is 1416 KM away from Karachi by air.

PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) is the only airline operating into and out of Skardu.

June to September can be a good time to travel between Skardu and Karachi.

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