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Peshawar to Quetta Flights

Peshawar to Quetta cheap flights remain popular. Previously known as Peshawar International Airport, the airport is now known as Bacha Khan International Airport which serves Peshawar the capital of KPK, Pakistan. An important commercial and passenger hub for the region, the airport was named after a prominent British Indian and connects to international destinations worldwide. Peshawar to Quetta flights touch down at Quetta International Airport. Furthermore, this remarkable city is becoming a tourist spot at a rapid pace, becoming one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. There are many things to discover and do in Quetta, including Hanna Lake, cultural attractions, interesting sights, reactionary activities, and more. A Peshawar to Quetta flight can be found quickly on

Peshawar to Quetta Flight Ticket Price

The high cost of plane tickets has made it almost impossible for travelers to travel by air for either business or pleasure. Traveling abroad at the cheapest rates possible is what provides to its customers. We offer cheap flights from Peshawar to Quetta at without any hidden charges or commissions. PIA has the cheapest flight from Peshawar to Quetta for 10,432 PKR. Other airlines like AirSial and AirBlue offer cheap flights from Peshawar to Quetta for very affordable rates. Additionally, flight ticket prices may vary depending on the time of booking within a single day. Compare prices on for Peshawar to Quetta flights with several airlines and book the most suitable flight.  

Peshawar to Quetta Cheap Flights

Trying to find cheap flights from Peshawar to Quetta? On, you can find cheap flights from Peshawar to Quetta according to your preferences. offers you the option to sort flights based on their fares, which can be sorted from low to high. Booking ahead is the best way to save money and find cheap flights from Peshawar to Quetta. If you book a flight urgently, the cost of the flight from Karachi to Lahore may increase. Find cheap flights from Peshawar to Quetta on at low prices and with convenient schedules.


Cheapest Peshawar to Quetta flight costs varies depending on the time of day and the date. With, you can book the lowest fares on flights from Peshawar to Quetta.

Peshawar and Quetta are connected by 8 flights at the moment.

Passengers are required to wear masks at all times when in public places, on flights, or in transit between Quetta and Peshawar. A negative PCR test is also required before flying.

Peshawar to Quetta is a one-hour 20-minute flight.

The best time to book flights is about a month before the departure date.

Peshawar to Quetta flights is the cheapest with PIA (Pakistan International Airlines).

Check-in baggage is limited to 40 kg per passenger.

Flight tickets are more expensive when booked at the last minute.

A penalty applies when a ticket is changed after it has been issued.

The distance between Peshawar and Quetta is 838.6 km.

Quetta and Peshawar are 599 kilometers apart by air.

PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) is offering direct flights between Peshawar and Quetta.

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