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Peshawar is known as the city of flowers and it is the sixth-largest city in Pakistan. Peshawar is connected to the rest of Pakistan by air, rail, and road. Peshawar International Airport is also known as Bacha Khan International Airport Peshawar, and it is located about a 25-minute drive from the city center. This airport is the 4th busiest in Pakistan. Direct flights run from Peshawar Airport to Al Ain, Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Jeddah, Kabul, Muscat, Kuwait, and Riyadh. 

Peshawar to Dubai flights is one of the famous routes due to people traveling to Dubai for business & pleasure.  Dubai is one the most visited cities in the world and is one of the places to visit once a year to take a break from all the hustle in life.  Dubai is a frequent traveler destination for many people in Peshawar.  

Cheap Flights from Peshawar to Dubai

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Peshawar to Dubai Flights

Traveling from Peshawar to Dubai by road may take two days which is very time-consuming and frustrating. The best way to reach Dubai is by air. Peshawar to Dubai flights usually takes around 4 hours which isn’t bad at all compared to two days by road. 

Peshawar to Dubai Ticket Price

In order to get the Peshawar to Dubai Cheap Flights, you can pre-book your flight tickets on Making a booking in advance helps you avoid last-minute hiccups and get the best price. With you can check different airlines to choose the one that bests Peshawar to Dubai ticket that suits your needs. provides you instant booking and guaranteed lowest airfare on flights.  You can easily find Peshawar to Dubai ticket prices on 

Peshawar to Dubai ticket prices can vary from PKR 30,440 to PKR 120,196 depending on the airlines you select & your travel dates. With different offers & promotions, ticket prices Peshawar to Dubai can be booked at the lowest price at


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