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Multan to Karachi Flights  

Travelers who are on a business trip prefer to arrive early, so taking a Multan to Karachi cheap flight is the most preferred mode of transportation on this route. A direct flight from Multan to Karachi takes about 2 hours, and one airline flies this route Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). Also, there are routes with multiple stops, usually taking six to ten hours with at least one stopover.

Depending on the flight operating company, the frequency of flights may vary. If you go to the portal, you will be able to view the details of the flights by selecting Karachi Jinnah International Airport (KHI) and Multan International Airport (MUX) as the starting and destination points. You can compare the available flights on to find the best Multan to Karachi cheap flights based on your convenience for the Multan to Karachi route. 

Multan to Karachi Flight Ticket Price

Due to the high cost of plane tickets, many people have been unable to travel by plane for work or pleasure. Multan to Karachi flights ticket price varies depending on the time of booking, and whether the flight is direct or not. When you book your tickets with, you can easily opt for a round-trip ticket, which will help you save money. Booking a Multan to Karachi flight ticket at the last minute can result in a higher price. The cost of tickets tends to be lower when you book in advance, whereas they tend to be more expensive as the departure date or time approaches. helps its customers with domestic travel at the lowest possible price. We offer cheap flights from Multan to Karachi at without any hidden charges or commissions. Multan to Karachi ticket price for a one-stop flight of 21,730 PKR is offered by PIA (Pakistan International Airlines). Other airlines like FlyDubai offer cheap flights from Multan to Karachi for Pakistani rupees. Additionally, flight ticket prices may vary depending on the time of booking within a single day. allows you to compare prices for Multan to Karachi flights offered by several airlines and book the most suitable flight.

Multan to Karachi Cheap Flights

You can find cheap flights from Multan to Karachi with on any given day. Booking in advance is the best way to find cheap flight tickets. It would be cheaper to book a flight in advance rather than at the last minute if you are on a tight budget.
There are no cheaper tickets available for Multan to Karachi than those offered by PIA airlines. One-way tickets from Multan to Karachi flight price cost about Rs. 12,444 with PIA (Pakistan International Airlines). Ticket cancellations are usually refunded up to 24 hours before departure time. The ticket price may not be refunded 100% due to cancellation charges.


Cheap flights from Multan to Karachi for as low as 12,444 PKR.

Flight prices are determined by when and how you book your flight. Booking your flights in advance can help you find cheap tickets.

It is cheapest to travel on Sunday, both domestically and internationally, according to some reports.

Cheapest Multan to Karachi flight fare is 12,444 PKR.

There is no particular time for flight tickets to be cheapest but you can book flights for guaranteed lowest airfares any time on

Multan to Karachi flight prices vary based on the time of booking.

In case of cancellation, the penalty is 3 to 4 thousand if the ticket has already been issued.

The duration of a flight from Multan to Karachi takes a total of one hour and fifty minutes.

Domestic airlines do not provide extra space for sleeping.

Some airlines allow you to carry solid foods on board.

PIA (Pakistan International Airlines), AirSial, FlyDubai, and Oman Air are some of the most popular airlines flying from Multan to Karachi.

PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) operates the fastest direct flight between Multan and Karachi.

There is only one airport in Karachi named Jinnah International airport.

Passengers must submit a negative PCR test and a vaccination certificate in addition to wearing masks on flights.

Airlines do not allow free changes to flight dates once tickets have been issued.

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