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LHE Lahore ,
21:35 Mon, 02 Jan
LHR london,
16:10 Tue, 03 Jan
  • 1 Stops
  • 23h 35mDuration
  • Non RefundableTicket
  • BagsAllowed
  • MealsProvided
One way Fare
PKR 197,947
YUGO Rewards 19,795
LHE Lahore ,
21:35 Fri, 06 Jan
LHR london,
20:00 Sat, 07 Jan
  • 1 Stops
  • 27h 25mDuration
  • Non RefundableTicket
  • BagsAllowed
  • MealsProvided
One way Fare
PKR 197,947
YUGO Rewards 19,795

Lahore to London Trip

Located in the province of Punjab, Lahore is Pakistan's second-largest city after Karachi, as well as the 26th largest city in the world.  Lahore is one of Pakistan's most vibrant cities and many travelers visit Lahore to explore its rich culture and food. The walled city in Lahore in particular attracts people from Pakistan and abroad due to its history and ancient buildings. London is the capital city of the United Kingdom. It is among the oldest and most cosmopolitan cities of the world, with a nearly two millennia-old history and it is also the country’s economic, transportation, and cultural center. Every year, thousands of people visit London for business and pleasure.  

Book LHE to LHR Flight

Air travel is the only mode of transportation from Lahore to London since it is impossible to travel to London by any means. The Flight distance from Lahore to London is 6329 kilometers and the estimated flight time is around 7 hours 56 minutes. has 100+ airlines on board which allows you to  book Lahore to London cheap flights easily.  Allama Iqbal Airport which is Lahore’s biggest airport handles more than 20,700 international flights and London city has 4 airports.  Pakistan International Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic and some of the major airlines that fly between Lahore to London Simply, visit website and give add dates you are planning to travel on and the website will give you prices for different airlines. Pick Lahore to London flight time that suits you the best and book your flight. 

Cheap Flights from Lahore to London

Traveling can be fun if you find the best fares and it can be hectic if you are on a budget and the flights are expensive. Don’t worry, has got you covered by offering the lowest fares on 100+ airlines. Lahore to London ticket price starts from PKR 48,402 on and it may increase/decrease based on your travel plans.  With you don’t need to go from one website to another to find cheap flights from Lahore to London since all major airlines are available on our website. It is always recommended to pre-book your flight if you are on a budget, buying flight ticket prices at the end may result in higher fares. offers discounts and promotions from time to time which makes Lahore to London ticket prices even more cheap.

Lahore to London Flight Schedule

Lahore to London direct flight time duration is around 7 hours 56 minutes from Allama Iqbal International Airport to London Heathrow Airport. On a monthly basis, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and Pakistan International Airlines all fly 30 direct flights from Lahore and London. On average, there are 90 flights a month between Lahore and London, operated by four different airlines. The average number of flights from LHE to LHR is about 21 per week. The first flight from Lahore to London departs at 1:00am and the last one departs at 6:00am.  When booking your flight with make sure to check the time of departure and arrival as you will find all the details on the website before you book your flight. Lahore to London flight schedule may vary slightly based on the traffic flow on the airports.


You can travel from Lahore to London multiple times as long as you have a valid visa that allows you to enter the UK.

The best return flight from Lahore(LHE) to London(LHR) starts from PKR 95,000 if the booking is made in advance.

All major airlines have a flexible cancellation policy for Islamabad to London flights, but it is always recommended to check the website for the cancellation.

It takes 8 hours, 50 minutes to travel from Lahore to London (LHE) by air.

With an average price drop of 6%, May is the best time to book flights from LHE to LHR.

Lahore to London ticket price starts from PKR. 47,000.

Lahore to London ticket price varies based on your travel dates. Each airline has a different fare, however, with you can book a cheap flight from Lahore to London anytime.

May is considered to be the cheapest month to fly to London from Lahore.

No, Airblue doesn’t operate in the UK (United Kingdom).

There are several budget airlines operating in London.

Gatwick airports are usually much cheaper than Heathrow.

Gatwick airport is considered to be the cheapest.

The cheapest day to fly to London is Friday.

Air travel from Lahore to London (LHE) takes 8 hours, 50 minutes.

All airlines are great to fly with but British Airways is one of the best airlines that you can use to fly to London.


If you book three weeks in advance, you will be able to get a lower rate.

London. Its airport code is LHR

You can visit London any time of the year. It has a lot to offer throughout the year.

All major airlines such as PIA (Pakistan International Airlines), Qatar Airways, Turkish Airways, British Airways, and many more flights to the United Kingdom.

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