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Prepare for your trip from Lahore (LHE) to Karachi (KHI)

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Lahore to Karachi Flight Ticket Price

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Get Lahore to Karachi cheap flights with The Lahore to Karachi flight ticket rates on can change according to the time left in departure, airlines, and ticket class/type. 

Lahore to Karachi Cheap Flights understands everyone's need to search for low-cost services. Travel on a budget when you book Lahore to Karachi flights with us. You may sort Lahore to Karachi flights based on their fares, i.e., low to high or high to low. The cheapest tickets for flights from Lahore to Karachi are in economy class.

Cheap flights from Lahore to Karachi on will cost you 12,499 RS. Baggage costs no more than 20 kg are included too. Airsal Airlines offers the cheapest flights from Lahore to Karachi. 

Other airlines such as Airblue and Serene Air and PIA also offer cheap flights from Lahore to Karachi. If you are looking for cheap flights from Lahore to Karachi, it is advised to book in advance. The less time left in the departure of a Lahore to Karachi flight, the more will be its fare.


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For flight status information, it is recommended that you contact the relevant airline directly.

From Lahore to Karachi, 1025 kilometers (637 miles) lie between them.

Lahore to Karachi Cheap flight rates is determined by many factors such as schedules, the number of stops, etc.

An average flight to Karachi from Lahore takes approximately one hour and 46 minutes.

AirSial offers the cheapest flight from Lahore to Karachi.

Pakistani citizens can now carry a maximum of Rs10,000 in cash within the country following an increase made by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

No, low-cost carriers airlines do not provide extra space for sleeping.

A PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) flight from Lahore to Karachi will cost you around 13,156 PKR.

AirSial, AirBlue, and PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) operate flights between Lahore to Karachi.

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