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Karachi to Quetta Flights

Karachi to Quetta cheap flights are now more accessible than ever as several airlines offer flights between Karachi and Quetta. A train can be booked from Karachi to Quetta, but it will take around 21 hours to cover this route. From Karachi to Quetta, the bus journey will take up to 10 hours. Renting a car from Karachi to Quetta comes highly expensive. It is possible to feel cramped on a bus or train between Karachi and Quetta. Taking a long bus ride from Karachi to Quetta also takes its toll on children.

Flying from Karachi to Quetta will take you only 1.5 hours. Karachi to Quetta cheap flights are available throughout the day. You can book Karachi to Quetta flight tickets easily via YUGO.pk and find the best Karachi to Quetta flight prices. 

Karachi to Quetta Flight Ticket Price

The Karachi to Quetta flight ticket price on YUGO.pk does not include any commission. The Karachi to Quetta air ticket price varies according to factors such as seat availability, airline prices, etc. YUGO.pk lets you compare the prices of different Karachi to Quetta airlines so that you can book tickets accordingly. There can be an increase in Karachi to Quetta flight ticket price if the bookings are made urgently and there is not much time before the departure.

Karachi to Quetta plane ticket prices can range from Rs. 12,052 to Rs. 24,900 on YUGO.pk if the flight you take is a one-stop flight. Pre-booking on YUGO.pk is the best way to get the best rates on flights from Karachi to Quetta since flight prices are uncertain. YUGO.pk lets you sort Karachi to Quetta flights based on their fares, which assists you in viewing the cheapest flights first.

Karachi to Quetta Cheap Flights

Would you like to find cheap tickets or discounts for flights from Karachi to Quetta? Many users search for cheap flights from Karachi to Quetta but are unable to find prices that suit their needs. As many platforms do not provide satisfactory services. YUGO.pk will help you in booking cheap tickets from Karachi to Quetta without any risk. Flight tickets for the PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) flight from Karachi to Quetta are the cheapest. PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) offers flights from Karachi to Quetta for Rs.12,500. 

Book air tickets from Karachi to Quetta if you are on a tight budget. You can travel in comfort and convenience in economy class. YUGO.pk can assist you with pre-booking and planning your trip to Quetta. For cheap tickets from Karachi to Quetta, book in advance at YUGO.pk to get better rates.


You can book cheap flights from Karachi to Quetta for as low as 11,321 PKR.

Use YUGO rewards and massive discounts on airlines. Also, book flights quite sometime before the date of flying.

Karachi and Quetta are separated by 692.1 miles.

When flying from Karachi to Quetta, you can carry up to 40 kg of luggage.

PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) operates the most efficient flights in Pakistan and is the best airline in Pakistan.

There is no one cheapest day to book your flights. Booking on weekdays and in advance, however, can help you find the cheapest flights from Karachi to Quetta.

Yes, Quetta is a very safe place to travel.

Direct flights are available from Karachi to Quetta on all airlines.

There are three airports in the vicinity of Quetta, Dalbandin Airport, Quetta International Airport, and Zhob Airport.

The journey from Karachi to Quetta takes approximately one hour and fifty minutes or maximum 2 hours.

It takes 367.31 mi (591.12 km) to fly from Karachi to Quetta.

AirSial and PIA ( Pakistan International Airline) fly frequently between Karachi and Quetta.

Between March and November is the best time to travel from Karachi to Quetta.

Visitors and tourists to Quetta are welcome for pleasure and business purposes.

YUGO.pk allows you to book the cheapest flights from Karachi to Quetta at the best rates.

All passengers are required to wear masks in public places and on flights between Quetta and Peshawar. PCR testing is also required before flying in addition to the COVID vaccination certificate.

Changing flight dates after a ticket has been issued incurs a penalty.

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