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Karachi to Faisalabad Flights

Faisalabad, previously known as Lyallpur is called the Manchester of Pakistan because of its biggest textile industries. Located in the northeastern part of Punjab, Faisalabad covers an area of approximately 2,261 square miles. It is maintained by the Faisalabad Development Authority. It is the third most populous city after Karachi and Lahore. Faisalabad is one of the best destinations for a quick getaway. Thousands of visitors across Pakistan visit Faisalabad for business and pleasure.  Karachi, formerly known as Kolachi is one of the biggest and most populated cities in Pakistan and is the 12th largest city in Pakistan. As being the largest city of Pakistan, Karachi is home to different communities. Karachi is connected with all other cities through air travel and road transportation. 

Flights From Karachi to Faisalabad

If you are planning to travel from Karachi to Faisalabad whether, for business or pleasure, air travel is the best mode of transportation. Karachi to Faisalabad flights depart from Jinnah International Airport (KHI) and arrive at Faisalabad International Airport (LYP).  The flight distance between Karachi and Faisalabad is 941 KM and Karachi to Faisalabad flight time duration is 1 hour 40 minutes. The most popular airline that flies between Karachi to Faisalabad is Pakistan International Airline and the first flight departs at 00:30 while the last flight departs at 09:00.  Currently, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) provides 7 flights from Karachi to Faisalabad weekly and carries a number of passengers on this route. You can find the Karachi to Faisalabad flights scheduled on the YUGO.pk website. 

Flight Ticket From Karachi to Faisalabad 

Once you have finalized Karachi to Faisalabad trip, it is important to book your flight if you are planning to travel by air. Karachi to Faisalabad air ticket price on YUGO.pk can be found in a few clicks. The ticket price varies on a number of factors such as departure time, seat availability, and many more. However, cheap flights from Karachi to Faisalabad can be booked, if you pre-book your seat. Karachi to Faisalabad flight fare for one way starts from PKR PKR 16,471 and a round trip costs PKR 30,540 on YUGO.pk. Pakistan International Airlines has the cheapest flights between Karachi and Faisalabad. Karachi to Faisalabad flights price is lower on YUGO.pk than any other ticketing platform in Pakistan with hassle-free online booking. 

Cheap Flights from Karachi to Faisalabad

Looking for the cheapest airfare can be hectic whether you are looking for domestic or international flights. With YUGO.pk you don’t have to go through a number of websites to get the cheapest flights. With 100+ airlines onboard, YUGO.pk offers the best fare on all routes. Karachi to Faisalabad air ticket price starts from PKR 16,471 on YUGO.pk. Booking your ticket in advance is one of the best travel hacks everyone should use. Karachi to Faisalabad flights tickets price is cheaper if the booking is made in advance with YUGO.pk. Emergency booking may be higher due to seat availability and other issues. 


The cheapest Karachi to Faisalabad flight fare starts from PKR 16,471 on YUGO.pk. Book now

It is true that flydubai takes less time on this route than other airlines.

The cheapest flights from Karachi to Faisalabad are in April. You can find the best fares on YUGO.pk any time of the month.

With YUGO.pk the Karachi to Faisalabad flight's ticket price starts from PKR.16,471 but it may change depending on your travel plans.

Pakistan International Airline is one of the famous airlines that operate on this route. Apart from that flydubai also operates on this route.

The Pakistan International Airline provides 7 flights per week between Karachi and Faisalabad.

Yes, if you are a Pakistani national you don’t need a visa, however, people traveling from abroad require a valid visa.

YUGO.pk offers you the best Karachi to Faisalabad flight fare starting from PKR 30,540.

As there are 7 flights that operate from Karachi to Faisalabad, make sure to check flight availability on the YUGO.pk website.

Yes, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) operates direct flights from Karachi to Faisalabad.

All airlines have a flexible cancellation policy, however, make sure to check the airline website for further details.

Karachi and Faisalabad (KHI to LYP) flight time duration is around 1 hour 50 minutes.

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