Karachi to islamabad
Total for all travelers | 1 Traveler(s)
KHI Karachi ,
18:30 Thu, 05 Jan
ISB islamabad,
20:30 Thu, 05 Jan
  • Non-Stop
  • 02hDuration
  • Non RefundableTicket
  • BagsAllowed
  • MealsProvided
One way Fare
PKR 18,727
YUGO Rewards 1,873
KHI → ISB Thu, 05 Jan Outbound
  • Serene Air
    ER-504 Economy
  • KHI 18:30
    Thu, 05 Jan 23
  • 02h
  • ISB 20:30
    Thu, 05 Jan 23
  • Check-in baggage 0 KG/person
    Cabin baggage7 KG/person

Karachi to Islamabad Flights

There is a perfect combination of natural and pilgrimage attractions in Islamabad. You can easily book a Karachi to Islamabad cheap flight if you are traveling for work, leisure, and other reasons. There are several options for transportation, including air, bus, and train. Traveling by air will however save you the trouble of a long and exhausting journey.

By plane, you can easily travel from Karachi to Islamabad in two hours. Taking a Karachi to Islamabad cheap flight is the fastest way to reach this destination. All major airlines offer flights from Karachi to Islamabad frequently. YUGO.pk, a reliable online e-ticketing portal, offers Karachi to Islamabad flights. 

Karachi to Islamabad Flight Ticket Price

There is no need to wait for your flight to Islamabad when you can book your tickets in advance? A trip to Islamabad can be made easier if you plan ahead. YUGO.pk lets you compare the prices of various airlines and make the right decision. It is possible to pre-book plane tickets to Islamabad from Karachi to prepare for your trip. 

The Karachi to Islamabad cheapest flight ticket rate starts from Rs 12,499.

There are several factors that determine flight ticket prices, including the schedule, departure time, and airline. YUGO.pk does not charge commission on the flight ticket rates for Karachi to Islamabad. You can grab the cheapest domestic flights on AirSial from Karachi to Islamabad with YUGO.PK, your flight booking partner. 

Karachi to Islamabad Cheap Flights

Cheap flights from Karachi to Islamabad are available if you are on a tight budget. It is advised to pre-book the flight to find cheap flights to Islamabad. On YUGO.pk, you can find the cheapest flights from Karachi to Islamabad.

The plane ticket price from Karachi to Islamabad will cost you around Rs.12,499. AirSial is the cheapest airline for flights from Karachi to Islamabad. Flight costs also include baggage allowance for AirSial flights which is 15 kg. Karachi flight ticket rates for Karachi to Islamabad may change based on price and availability. YUGO.pk displays the current flight ticket price from Karachi to Islamabad without any charges. Serene Air and Pakistan International Airlines can also make cheap flights from Karachi to Islamabad possible.


Islamabad to Karachi is a direct flight that takes two hours and twenty minutes.

Between Islamabad and Karachi, the flight distance is 1108 kilometers.

Yes, Karachi to Islamabad cheap flights are open.

Travelling from Karachi to Islamabad by air costs you much less than traveling by bus or train. Cheap flights from Karachi to Islamabad cost only 12,499 PKR.

The best airline in Pakistan is Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

Yes, international flights are open in Karachi.

Passports are required when traveling on domestic flights.

There is only one airport in Karachi, Jinnah International Airport.

The cheapest Karachi to Islamabad fare is offered by AirSial. The cost of the flight starts at Rs 12,499.

Air travel from Karachi to Islamabad is the fastest and most efficient method of getting there.

Islamabad is 1,410.7 km away from Karachi.

A number of airlines fly from Karachi airport to Islamabad airport including AirSial, Airblue, Serene Air and PIA. YUGO.PK offers the lowest fares on these airlines.

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