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Islamabad to Doha

About 646,000 people from all over the world live in Doha which is located in the east of the country. Doha underwent a complete economic transformation and grew into a modern and prosperous city from being a pearling and fishing village of great importance at the beginning of the 20th century. Doha, which is rapidly growing, offers a wide range of adventures and activities, as well as world-class hospitality and cuisine. Islamabad is home to several parks and forested areas, such as Margalla Hills National Park and Shakarparian Forest. 

In addition to its several landmarks, it is home to the Faisal Mosque, the largest mosque in South Asia and the fifth largest in the world. Choosing the air route is the best option if you plan on traveling from Islamabad to Doha. offers a wide range of Islamabad to Doha flights on its website for its customers. Booking your flight on will allow you to see the Islamabad to Doha flight schedule.

Islamabad to Doha Best Flight Fare

It is not possible to travel to Doha by road from Islamabad. The best way to travel to Doha from Islamabad is air travel. Flights departing from Islamabad arrive at Doha international airport. Islamabad to Doha flights are available at affordable rates on is the most trusted flight ticket booking platform which helps you find cheap flights from Islamabad to Doha just a click away. 

You can find the best Islamabad to Doha flight on 100+ airlines and can make the booking instantly.  There are 8 daily flights departing from Islamabad to Doha and Islamabad to Doha flight time today is available on the website. Select the best time that suits your travel plans and book your flight within a few clicks. There are three airlines that serve Islamabad and Doha. There are approximately 50 flights per week between Islamabad and Doha. On average, it takes about 3h 45m to fly nonstop between these cities. There are many international airlines providing Islamabad to Doha flights on It takes around 3 hours and 40 minutes to fly from Islamabad to Doha on PIA

The PIA flight ticket price from Islamabad to Doha starts from PKR 42,913. Qatar Airways, Etihad are some other airlines that travel on this route. In case you have to travel on an urgent basis you can search for Islamabad to Doha flight time today and you can find multiple options on However, it is recommended to pre-book your flight to avoid higher fares.

Islamabad to Doha Cheap Flight

Are you looking for cheap flights from Islamabad to Doha but getting fares higher than your budget? No worries, with you don’t need to hover from one website to another to find Islamabad to Doha cheap flights.  We make sure that your budget remains intact which is why offers discounts and promotions from time to time to make air travel easier for everyone. 

Visit our website to find Islamabad to Doha flights at the lowest price with seamless booking.  The promotions and discounts by bring down your Islamabad to Doha ticket price. We recommend you book an economy class ticket if you are looking for cheap flights from Islamabad to Doha. The cheapest flight ticket from Islamabad to Doha will cost you around PKR PKR 42,913.  Booking in advance is another travel hack that could lower your Islamabad to Doha flight ticket price.


Currently, PIA is offering the cheapest fare on Islamabad to Doha flights starting from PKR 35,509. Visit to experience seamless online booking. offers promotions and discounts from time to time on Islamabad to Doha flights.

Booking a flight from Islamabad to Doha 89 days in advance will result in the lowest price. In May, flight prices are the lowest. Morning flights are 15% cheaper than evening flights.

Islamabad to Doha ticket price starts from PKR 35,509 with PIA. Visit to book your flight.

From Islamabad (ISB) to Doha (DOH), several airlines offer direct flights each month. Airlines that consistently provide ISB to DOH flights include Qatar Airways, PIA, Etihad Airways, and others.

Islamabad (ISB) and Doha (DOH) take approximately 5 hours 55 minutes by air. Historically, this is the average non-stop flight time on this route. Airlines fly about 1470 miles.

The cheapest Islamabad to Doha flights fare is around PKR 35,509 if booked in advance for April.

Kuwait Airways takes less time to complete the flight on this route than other airlines.

You can cancel your flight booking from Islamabad to Doha. Make sure to go through your booking details to know about the cancellation policy.

Fly from Islamabad to Doha at the best price available on The plane ticket starts from PKR 35,509 and can go up based on your ticket type. Economy class tickets are lesser than business class tickets.

Qatar Airways is operating from Islamabad Intl Airport to Doha Intl Airport.

Qatar Airways currently flies from Pakistan.

Yes, flights are open from Pakistan to Qatar.

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